Hindustani Music Vocal – CBSE Board Class 12th Music Notes PDF

By Music Topper Student Who Score 99/100 in Music

Hindustani Music Vocal Class 12 is One of the Most Important and Scoring Subject of CBSE and State Board School and its a Parts of Main Branch of Indian Classical Music Which has Bright Future Scope. Hindustani Vocal Music is the Most Scoring and Easy Subject for Class 12 Students. If This Subject is to be Studied with Proper Notes and Guidelines then with very Less Efforts and with Very Less Time Students May Able to Score Good Marks.

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Type of Indian Classical Music For CBSE Class 12

There are two types of Indian Classical Music Initially, there was no difference between Hindustani and Carnatic music but with the arrival of Islamic rule in India differentiation started. Name of Raga Time Season Mood Bhimpalasi In the afternoon Summer Compassion and Joy Bhairavi Dawn Autumn Devotion Kaushiki / Malkauns …

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